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Sandvikengården one of the oldest camps farms, located in the middle of the woods at Värmelns beach in western Värmland. Camp courtyard, with its own beach, a church and a canoe center 40 canoes, offering a magical genuine environment, without luxury but with consideration and esteem.
The farm is ideal for groups but also has a hostel open during the summer season.

Sandvikengården is found in western Värmland in the middle of the woods by the lake Värmelns beach 6 mil west of Karlstad, 3 km east of the Edane society.

The farm has gradually developed from the beginning 1931. Now there are 30 rooms and four cabins with room for just over 100 people (about 50 people in a double room), a church with space for 150 - 200 people. In our treehouse we have room for two persons in a double accommodation up in the tree!
We have two medium sized conference rooms for 15 - 30 people. Our cozy dining room - an old timber barn - holds about 90 people.
The farm also has a sauna, hot tub, soccer field and volleyball court.

Our conference rooms have the equipment you may need. We have a video projector, wireless internet, flipchart, whiteboard and more.

We have our own canoe center 40 canoes, and some kayaks with complete equipment. Canoeing from day trips up to two weeks. In our herb garden, you can learn more about plants related to the Bible. Sandvikengården is centrally located for many of Värmland's main attractions, Rottneros, Mårbacka in Frykenvalley, Klässbols Linneväveri and Rackstadmuseet in Arvika. We also arrange their own courses each year. Inter alia a four-week confirmation class, the handycraft course Old Times for the whole family, retired week Frisk, SPA days for women .

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