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The farm is located at the Lundby lake in a quiet area. The farm is ideal for school camps and larger gatherings. There is access to large well equipped kitchen for self-catering. Accommodation: 5 rooms with a total 37 beds. 2 4 cabins with beds in each. (1 8 cabin with beds (not electric).) The dining room for about 50 people. Good opportunities to set up tents and caravans. Large play areas, outdoor grills, campfire place, swimming. Great opportunities to roam in the woods next to the farm.

The farm is located at the Lundby Sea, 7 km outside Kolsva, in a quiet area

There is access to a large kitchen where you yourselves cook the food you take with you during your stay. Leave yard in a condition you yourselves like to find it in. Cleaning equipment is in place. We prefer that you do not use alcoholic drinks during their stay on the farm.
Accommodation: 5 rooms with a total 37 beds, some with top and bottom sheets and pillowcases Cabins: 2 4 cabins with beds in each (1 8 cabin with beds (not electric)).
Disabled: The farm is not really handicapped accessible. Can not get to the overnight rooms with wheelchair access.
Kitchen: Well equipped kitchen with everything you'll need: dishwasher. 2 refrigerators, freezers 2, 2 fireplaces, a steak table.
Serving: Self-catering, there is equipment for at least 50 people.
Inside: Dining room for about 50 people. Large hall adjacent to the dining room. There is no TV, VCR or other AV equipment on the farm. 3 2 toilets and showers downstairs. Upstairs there are 5 dormitories, 1 toilet with wash room.
Outdoors: Good opportunities for putting up tents and caravans set. Large play areas for ball games and other activities. Barbecues, camp fires site. Great opportunities to roam in the forest directly adjacent to the farm.
Bath: Great opportunities for swimming in Lundby Sea about 800 meters from the farm. Fishing: Fishing license is required to fish in the Lundby Sea.

The farm is popular for retreats, camps, weddings and goals for class trips. Here you can stroll around in the forest, swim in the Lundby lake, playing ball and playing on the big greens and enjoy the silence. 35 km from the farm you will find Kungsor. Here you can play in Tine park next to King Charles Church, visit Kungsörs Recycling & Secondhand its thrift store and Anti-Trafficking exhibition, lunch at Thor Modéen gästgifveri and refreshments at Baker. In Kolsva, only 7 km from the farm, you can visit Kohlswa Manor recently received its orangery restored by Ernst Kirchsteiger.

The farm is located a bit far, here is no public transportation such as bus and train.

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