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Ågestagården is beautifully located next to an outdoor area by Lake Magelungen in Farsta, Stockholm and is owned by the Salvation Army. During the academic year, the Salvation Army's folk high school has operations on the premises. During the summer holidays, the premises are rented out to various camps such as confirmation school and camp, which we can offer full board. The facility also has a smaller chapel. Farsta Strand has both a commuter train and a metro, where you can change to a bus in the last minutes to the facility.

Next to Lake Magelungen in a large outdoor area.

We have 49 rooms with toilet and shower that can be converted into a double room. Assembly hall and most classrooms equipped with projector etc. Restaurant with about 100 seats.

In addition to the proximity to central Stockholm, there is a swimming area, football field, volleyball court, large lawns, indoor gym, frisbee golf course, most electric light trails including artificial snow tracks, outdoor gym, canoe rental, music studio, studio, assembly hall and more.

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