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EFS Solbacken is open all year round camp that summer also are camping with cafe, swimming pool and church. We is beautifully situated in the High Coast - close to much and at the same time secluded. Perfect for recreation and groups who want to create a connection and still have good possibilities for excursions.
Besides caravan and tent sites, we offer 80 beds in cabins, dormitories and rooms in our main building. Welcome to the farm between sea and mountain!

Solbacken is beautifully situated on Dekarsön about 1 mil northeast of Örnsköldsvik.


EFS Sommarhem Prästänget provides sheltered, simple cottages, caravan and tent sites, kiosk and serving refreshments. In the area there swimming, games and barbecue and beach volleyball court. Possibility to rent / borrow canoes. Besides camping business so we have summer worship service every Sunday kl.11, Midsummer celebrations, etc. (see website).

Prästänget is beautifully situated below SOLÄNGET racetrack at Veckefjärden about 5 km south of Örnsköldsvik.

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